About Us

About Us

We are a Digital Rights Network

Specializing in Human Rights and the Internet

i freedom Uganda Network is an organization that promotes and supports, freedom of speech, expression, association, and assembly through technical IT support, research and development of tools and applications that enhance digital security and safety.

i freedom is guided by the principles of the Human rights-based approach(HRBA), and whilst its intervention primarily targets its membership, it also addresses the needs of other Human Rights Organizations (HROs ) that may require its services.

i freedom Uganda Network is composed of 28 member organizations which can be broadly categorized into 3; LGBTI organizations, Sex workers organizations and mainstream human rights organizations. Faced with enormous digital security threats, five Ugandan LGBTI and two Sex workers organizations came together at the end of January 2012 to fight against the way misuse of Internet by various key stakeholders was affecting the online and offline freedom and rights of a certain marginalized group (LGBTI & SWs) to freely associate, assemble and indeed express themselves freely without any fear of risk and reprisal from state agencies and other dangerous hacking groups..

The i freedom Uganda Network Secretariat is run by a team of 6 persons led by an Executive Director - Kelly Daniel Mukwano. The team at the Secretariat is guided and governed by a Steering Committee of Five persons chaired by Dr. Stella N. The Secretariat and the Steering Committee carry out the work on behalf of the most at-risk populations that our Network is serving, we are proud to say that 99% of the work and services by i freedom Uganda Network is demand driven. We consult with our constituencies through our membership of 28 Mainstream Human Rights Organizations, LGBTI, Sex Workers Organization and women organization to be able to deliver services and digital security training that work within our context and address the most pressing needs among the communities that we serve.


A Ugandan society where all citizens can access and enjoy the freedom to express themselves on the internet and while using other ICTs in a safe and secure environment.


To promote internet freedoms and civil rights through research, advocacy and equipping communities with knowledge and tools to enhance digital security.


1. To advocate for a policy and legislative environment the respects and promotes Internet freedoms.

2. To enhance the capacity of i freedom Uganda Network members and other Human Rights Organizations(HROs) to effectively utilize ICTs and the Internet.

3. To increase access by Human Rights Organizations and i freedom Uganda Network members to digital security tools, Apps an d other ICTs that will enhance digital security.

4. To strengthen and support research and innovation for development of appropriate tools and ICTs for human rights promotion and protection

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  • Kelly Daniel Mukwano
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  • Sseguya Andrew
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  • Odama A. Tobias
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  • Jenkins Kaganda
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  • Namyalo Joan
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